Why you should study Spanish in Chinandega, Nicaragua?

Why you should study Spanish in Chinandega, Nicaragua?

October 20, 2014|Posted in: travel nicaragua

Nicaragua continues to be the most popular destination for tourists in Central America. Spanish is the language spoken in almost the whole country. There is a province if not well known but the most hidden treasure in Nicaragua: Chinandega.

Chinandega province is located in the North West of Nicaragua in one of the richest region of the country for its biodiversity and agriculture and industry. Sugar, rum and sesame are some of the main crops in these hot tropical Nicaraguan lands. Shrimp and seashells farms are managed, by both enterprises and fisher cooperatives in which there are women involved, on shores of the long and beautiful beaches, estuaries and mangroves in Chinandega territory. This territory has large and beautiful beaches and estuaries with abundant wild life.

In Chinandega downtown you can find restaurants, hotels, internet cafes, open markets, banks, ATM´s machines, stores, and supermarkets. Wi-Fi is available at the hotels in the city. There is also a Spanish language school which offers immersion courses and private lessons for those interested in learning Spanish and volunteering in Chinandega.

In the Chinandega province not too far from the city there is Jiquilillo beach, Mechapa beach and the popular estuaries Padre Ramos and Los Zorros.

Chinandega is the northern and western Nicaraguan region with beautiful and virgin sandy beaches on the Gulf of Fonseca and along the west coast. Chinandega is a great and unique destination where you will enjoy the great biodiversity and the beautiful beaches and estuaries.

The people in Chinandega are very friendly, the city is safe and there are only few tourists. All these facts make Chinandega an ideal choice for learning Spanish in Nicaragua and experiencing the local culture. The school offers Spanish language courses in Chinandega city which consists of morning lessons and afternoon field trips to historic places in town, excursions to beaches and estuaries for the day, excursions to sugar cane plantations; local social organizations to work with children; boat tours in the estuaries and more. The Spanish school offers also optional accommodation with friendly host families.

If you are travelling in Nicaragua why don´t you try some Spanish lessons with the Spanish school in Chinandega and you will enjoy even more your staying in Nicaragua by learning Spanish.