Why you should come to San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua?

Why you should come to San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua?

July 21, 2014|Posted in: travel nicaragua

Nicaragua is the hottest tourist destination in Central America. There are many reasons why you should visit this tropical Central American country, one of them is the beautiful sandy beaches along the Pacific Ocean, lovely nature virgin places to enjoy life. All this is the paradise of Central America.

On the south Pacific of Nicaragua there are some of the most peaceful and lovely small fishing villages you have ever seen. Tola and San Juan del Sur are some of these beautiful spots located in Rivas. These two locations offers their hospitality and beautifulness to the visitors from all over the world. International Surfing tournament have been performed on these beautiful beaches and hundreds of surfers have enjoyed the waves of the Nicaraguan Pacific Ocean. San Juan del Sur is a very popular tourist destination in Nicaragua.

In San Juan del Sur there are shops, hotels, supermarkets, bars and restaurants, discos and handicrafts stores, and Spanish language schools. San Juan del Sur is not only a tourist beach destination but since 1988 has also turned into the perfect place to learn Spanish in Nicaragua while enjoying the ocean. Lots of Spanish language schools has opened in San Juan del Sur since then.

There are also lots of restaurants and hostals that have opened in town during all these years. One of the San Juan del Sur Spanish language school located at just two blocks from the beach is part of the Nicaraguan Network SpanABroad. In San Juan del Sur you can enjoy fishing, and surfing; you watch sea turtles and whales; you swim and lie down on the beach or relax in a hammock and enjoy staying in this tropical paradise. Have you ever been in a Spanish school by the sea in a town of nice people? Come and enjoy the pretty amazing sunsets at the beach in gorgeous San Juan del Sur while you study Spanish in the safest Central American country, Nicaragua. There are trips you deserve and you will never forget in your whole life. San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua is one of those places you will never forget.

Let the waves to splash on you to energize your soul! Nicaragua is here waiting for you!