Why learning Spanish in Masaya Nicaragua?

Why learning Spanish in Masaya Nicaragua?

July 29, 2014|Posted in: travel nicaragua

Masaya is a cultural Nicaraguan city well known as the capitol of the handicrafts and folklore of Nicaragua. This picturesque city is situated in a privileged area between Managua and Granada at just thirty minutes from the international airport which is located in Managua.

The inhabitants of Masaya are very hard working people and they are very creative and very friendly. In the barrio Monimbó almost every family house hosts a handicraft workshop or artisan bamboo basket or hammock factory. Almost all the business in Masaya are family owned.

The territory of Masaya hosts important protected areas that have big environmental impact on the surrounding nature areas.

Some of these protected nature territories are: the first national park of Nicaragua, the unique and active Masaya Volcano National Park which opened in 1977; the beautiful pristine fresh water spot Laguna de Apoyo nature reserve, and the Tisma Lowlands RAMSAR site.

Catarina and San Juan de Oriente are small charming villages located near the Masaya city. Catarina is popular for its gardens and its Lookout known as the Mirador de Catarina. San Juan de Oriente is the town where the best ceramic pre Columbus style is made.

When Spanish people came to Nicaragua, San Juan de Oriente people had already been making pottery for centuries. Masaya city has a very increasing and active commerce and in the downtown there are lots of shoe stores, hammocks stores, ceramics, handicrafts and furniture workshops.

In the downtown of Masaya you can find stores, pharmacies, hotels, internet cafes, restaurants, B&B, banks, ATM machines, markets, bookstores, and gas stations. Spanish language schools in Masaya is also part of the increasing of free of pollution-business in the area.

Despite of the commerce growth, Masaya is still not spoiled by tourism which makes the city a perfect site for learning and practicing Spanish in Nicaragua. In Masaya you can find the antique and the contemporary, the primitive and the modern which offers the visitors practically the chance to travel along the time. Credit cards and small dollar bills are accepted as a way of payment in most of the stores, restaurants and hotels in the city.

Masaya is full of popular culture and folklore of Nicaragua.

Cultural activities such as folkloric dancing, parades, carnival, cultural fairs, and religious processions are performed throughout the year enriching the cultural life of Masaya.

If you are travelling in Central America stop by Nicaragua and visit Masaya which offers its hospitality and unique taste of popular traditions and also great opportunities to study and practice Spanish in Nicaragua!