Why learning Spanish in Nicaragua?

Why learning Spanish in Nicaragua?

October 17, 2014|Posted in: travel nicaragua

The Spanish language has been of great world importance in the last thirteen years as the language of communication and the alternative language for travelling. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world and it is as important as the English language.

In the United States, and Canada in America it has become a language in constant and growing demand. Lots of Canadians and citizens from the United States of America travel to Central America to study Spanish in the various Spanish language schools in Guatemala and Costa Rica. For many years these two countries have been the most popular destinations for those who want to learn Spanish in immersion.

Since 1998 when the industry of Spanish schools in Nicaragua started, lots of these language students have been choosing Nicaragua as their destination to learn Spanish. The Spanish language schools in Nicaragua receive hundreds of students every year. When you learn Spanish you connect to the Latin American world and Spain and other countries since Spanish is the primary language of twenty countries worldwide. In fifteen more years, more than five hundred million people worldwide will speak Spanish.

Are you ready for this?

Speaking Spanish is and will be a priority for business, for learning about the culture and for travelling and communication. Learning Spanish is quite easy especially if you register for an immersion program in one of the schools in Central America.

The Spanish and the English language share lot of their vocabulary through cognate words, as both languages have so many of their words that come from Latin and Arabic. Nicaraguan Spanish language schools offers one-on-one lessons and in small groups. Most of the schools have homestays available as part of the immersive experience.

Most of the Spanish schools in Nicaragua include also excursions to nearby destinations so the students get to know the around and visit national parks, nature reserves, swim in crater lakes, go shopping in popular open markets and handicrafts stores. There are Spanish schools in San Juan del Sur, a lovely seaside town on the south pacific of Nicaragua; there are Spanish language schools in Laguna de Apoyo, the most pristine and beautiful warm water lake in Masaya area; also there is a Spanish school in Masaya, the capitol of the Nicaraguan folklore; León has also a Spanish school as well as Chinandega area where there are beautiful sunny and sandy beaches, mangroves and stuarines.

In Granada, the colonial jewel of Central America, some of the Spanish language schools offer homestay, excursions and lessons as well. In Managua there is a school which specializes in private Spanish lessons and sends the tutors to the students own site. Nicaragua has beautiful and yet unexplored places which make the trip even more exciting. In the Central American region, Nicaragua is the safest country, most affordable and the more stable in constant economic growth since the middle of the 2000. Studying Spanish in Nicaragua is the best option.

You will learn not only Spanish but about the culture and nature of this incredible country.